[Squeakland] Help in saving projects

RATZEL, MARSHA MRATZEL at bv229.k12.ks.us
Mon Feb 2 15:18:54 PST 2004

OK....I'm back and working this again.  The basics are my bugaboos again.  I have a whole new group of students and I'm even using them as my Action Research subjects to prove to my district that this kind of thinking and teaching has real merit.
But, believe it or not, I can get launched because I can't figure out how to save projects.  I know I figured it out last semester, but now I can't remember how I did it.  I click on Publish It.  And I want my students to be able to save the projects in their network folders.  But no where can I find a way to browse to them.
Does anyone have directions that I can use?  Simple ones?  This is the most confusing part of Squeak and it always throws me for a big loop and I get so frustrated.  Sorry to vent but I really want this to work and for folks to be excited.  And I don't mean to be so critical but I'm not a dummy and I've sat here for 2 class periods trying to figure it out with my kids and now another 45 minutes with my computer teaching partner and we can't figure it out.  So it isn't that intuitive. 
Please can someone show me the trick to this?  It's got to be something that I am missing.  And I want to continue tomorrow.  We're just working through the tutorials and I have a couple of days to figure it out before it becomes critical.  Thanks in advance for all your help.

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