Just a few more comments....

Ken Kahn kenkahn at toontalk.com
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I have a broadband connection so I should be able to see the archived
version of the talks but I can't get them to work. If the talks aren't
archived then I would love to have a copy of the video and CD. If they are
archived perhaps we can figure out what is going wrong before you go through
the trouble of sending them out.

Ken Kahn
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> Thanks very much to Gary Fisher for taking the time to reply to my
> to the "to book or not to book" conversation.  Both the Maine laptop
> initiative and the Book and the Computer online journal have received some
> "ink" here.  I'm sending the URL's  by way of reminder.   I threw in
> article that I recently came across.
> http://www.honco.net/
> http://www.mainelearns.org/
> html
> I now have a video  and a CD of the Paper/Kay talks in Toronto on February
> 27-03.   I had a request for a video from someone on this list, but I
> "misplaced" his note.  Please send me another note, and I will get a copy
> you.
> Cheers.
> Sheine

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