New updates available on Squeakland

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at
Fri Mar 28 23:29:30 PST 2003

At 3:02 PM -0300 3/28/03, ajbn at wrote:

>  > 3) We've chosen to have a single option for obtaining the paint tools.
>>  To obtain paint tools, click the paintbrush button on the gold
>>  Navigator bar. We have removed the paint palette icon previously found
>>  in the Supplies flap.
>The paint palette icon is still there!

Hi, Antonio

The contents of the Supplies flap get set up afresh each time you 
start up Squeak.

So if you start up Squeak and then load the recent updates, you'll 
continue to see the old Supplies flap for the duration of that 
session.  But you'll find that the paint palette is gone from the 
Supplies flap the *next* time you start up ;-)

Thank you for checking all these changes out so thoroughly!


   -- Scott

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