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Fri Mar 28 15:02:58 PST 2003

Hi Michael and all,

Just some remarks about your message.

> To load updates, just load any of the projects on the
> The smallest possible one is
> You will then be prompted to update.

It worked for me (eight new updates at the end).

> After your system has loaded these new updates, you'll find:
> 1) "Strings" (or phrases) of tiles can be grabbed by *either* the first
> or second tile in the string.  Prior to this update, if you wanted to
> add "sketch's x" or "sketche's heading" to a script, you would have had
> to select those tiles by the "x" tile, or the "heading" tile.  Now, you
> can select the tiles by the "sketch" tile, or if you have named your
> object, the name of that object, to add  to your script.

It works.

> 2)  We've created a new "v" button and added it to the top an object's
> viewer. Clicking this button will allow you to create a variable. This
> option was previously found in the tiny menu beside the object's name
> in the viewer.  Also note, we have changed the vocabulary from "add a
> new instance variable" to "name for new variable". Once the variable
> has been created the it will appear in a "variables category" in the
> object's viewer.

The vocabulary that is showed for me it's "click here to add a variable to
this object".
> 3) We've chosen to have a single option for obtaining the paint tools.
> To obtain paint tools, click the paintbrush button on the gold
> Navigator bar. We have removed the paint palette icon previously found
> in the Supplies flap.

The paint palette icon is still there!

> 4) We've added a "trail style" option to the "pen use" category in an
> object's viewer.  Trail styles include lines, arrowheads, and lines and
> arrowheads.    Setting an object's penDown to "true" and selecting a
> "trail style" allows for the pen to be a simple line, arrowheads, or
> lines with arrowheads.

It works.

> 5) Misc fixes:
> - When the user renames a script, script-firing buttons will now
> automatically be relabeled, unless they have already manually been
> edited, and will be fixed up so that they properly fire the renamed
> script. - When the user asks to remove an instance variable, a check is
> now made  to see if any scripts belonging to the object currently use
> that
> variable -- if so, permission to remove the variable is denied.  If
> not,  a further check is made to see if there are any extant scripts in
>  *other* objects that may reference that instance variable, and if any
> are found, a warning is put up.

Not tested yet.

> Michael


Antonio Barros

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