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  >>Hi, Jim -
  >>Now, *there's* a question!   Depends on where you are "coming from".
  >>I'll point you to what I know is "out there" and then let you be the
  >>judge of whether any are "good books on Squeak".
  >>If you have a background in computer science or engineering, etc. and
  >>want a kind of "text book" -- based on an earlier version of Squeak
  >>which would be downloaded from "squeak.org" you might try Mark
  >>Guzdial's book on Squeak published by Prentice Hall in 2000.
  >>Squeak:  Object Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications
  >>see this amazon url:
  >>Mark used this book at a text and intro to Squeak for his
  >>first/second year C.S. students at Georgia Tech.

I have that book, and it's actually the one that introduced me to this
list.  Being in CS, it was in a format I prefer material to be
presented to me.  So you're right on the money with that comment.

  >>Mark and I coedited:
  >>Squeak Open Personal computing and MutiMedia, also published by
  >>Prentice Hall (and referenced on that same amazon.com page0
  >>This book is more a "history" of how Squeak came to pass with
  >>contributions from several of the open source contributors.  There
  >>are chapters on porting Squeak, sound and music in Squeak, etc., etc.
  >>There are other books listed on the amazon page as well.
  >>If you are looking for a book which is based in the "etoy" component
  >>of Squeak and geared toward a younger /less technical user group and
  >>discusses the use of Squeak in a learning enviornment, then, I regret
  >>to  say, "not yet".   There are a few groups/people working on such
  >>books, but none (as far as I know) have been published yet...If all
  >>goes well, there will be one such "project book for
  >>teachers/curriculum guide" available late spring or early summer,
  >>authored by 4th/5th grade teacher BJ Conn, and myself.

I would say there is one book out there geared towards a younger group,
though it's borderline on the "less technical".
Squeak: A Quick Trip To ObjectLand

I've read it and while it's not my taste, it uses a storybook type format
for presenting a good intro to programming with Squeak and OOP concepts.

  >>I hope this helps...
  >>Tell us more about your interest and how you'd like to use (or are
  >>using) Squeak.

Look forward to seeing your book.


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