Archived version of Papert/Kay talks

Darius Clarke darius at
Mon Mar 24 10:10:42 PST 2003

Dr. Seymor Papert seemed to cut his talk short at OISE due to time constraints.
Does anyone know what he intended to cover at the end of his talk?


Hi, folks -

I know many of you hope to view the "Papert/Kay talks" delivered by 
Seymour and Alan at OISE in Toronto on February 27th from an archived 
file on the Web.

We've just checked status on the availability and here is the info I received:

The technical aspects are being completed now and it should be up before
the end of the week. It will be posted to the Fields website at

So, if you are interested, I suggest you check this url the first 
part of next week.

Happy viewing!

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