A good book on Squeak?

Remi Sussan rsussan at noos.fr
Sat Mar 22 01:15:14 PST 2003

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> Hi, Jim -
> Now, *there's* a question!   Depends on where you are "coming from".
> I'll point you to what I know is "out there" and then let you be the
> judge of whether any are "good books on Squeak".


I discovered a few days ago, in a parisian bookshop, a book I never heard
about before:
"Squeak: a quick trip to object land".(Addisson Wesley)
It's a good book if (like me), you came to squeak without knowing anything
about smalltalk or object oriented programming. It is more a book about
Smalltalk using Squeak than about Squeak itself, but it is a good thing for
absolute beginners like me imho. Apparently, Etoys are not mentioned; there
is a chapter at the end of the book about morphic, but I didn't read it

I also use Mark Guzdial's book a lot, but I would love to see an even *more*
multimedia book about Squeak, with more etoys, wonderland (3D), music and
animation. Squeak seems to me to be like an open source Director (Etoys
replacing the Macromedia interactive interface), and I would love to see a
book dealing mainly with entertainment, games, cultural or artistic



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