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> Hello, I just comming late with my french translation
> that I promised you a few weeh ago.
> You can download it as a change set or ready to use as a plugin image.
> The plug in image has more stuff translated (some menus and the name of the
> objects in the tabs.)
> The adress is 

  Nice try!

  We (mainly a guy called Kazuhiro Abe and a little change from me)
happened to have tried the similar thing for Japanese language.  Our
goal was to eliminate *all* English words and sentenses that kids will
see in the kids' environment.  And we think we managed to achieve this
goal.  The subtle ones, such as balloon helps for the buttons in a
viewer and flaps, the extended menu items that show up when you hold
the mouse button on the buttons in the navigator bar, the buttons in
the paint tool, the messagess shown when you are going to publish a
project, and etc. are all translated.

  The version is available from:

  You should be able to run this on your computer, means no extra
software to handle Japanese language.  (If you want to enter Japanese
text, you will need something, though.)  To make a French version from
this, all you have to do, basically, is to make a French counterpart
of #addJapaneseVocabulary, and check all senders of
#asTranslatedWording method in this Nihongo4 image and migrate them to
the original version of Squeak, along with #asTranslatedWording method
itself and some other methods which unfortunately I can't point out
right away.  You will also need to photoshop the bitmap for the paint
box tool buttons.

  Note that the Nihongo4 version uses ISO-8859-1 encoding for the file
out format.  This means that if you add a French version to the
Nihongo image, file it out and then import it to the original Squeak,
the accented characters get garbled.  I'd recommend that you make
changes to the original version of Squeak.

  Hope this helps,

-- Yoshiki

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