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   {Re-sent; unfortunately, confusion caused by a lifetime
   forwarding e-ddress made the first post bounce. My apologies!}

   2003-03-12 11:50:58, Kim Rose <Kim.Rose at viewpointsresearch.org>
   wrote a most-decent, thoughtful and helpful explanation of where
   Squeak is today.

   I'm a lurker, but Squeak has so much promise that I continue to
   stay subscribed.

   I'm a retired electronic tech, was a midnight hacker in 1960, but
   had a hiatus from computers from 1962 to 1981. Since then, I've
   been involved to a modest degree (very simple Z80 device-driver
   programming, and a semi-technical user/repair/setup person).

   Although this thought doesn't help much, I found that it does
   help, in the Squeak[land] environment, to abandon (to the extent
   possible) habits of thinking that usually are beneficial, and to
   try to have the outlook of a child.

   I don't mean that disparagingly; I mean to have the open-
   mindedness (and curiosity), as well as innocence, and beneficial
   ignorance of how things are done by adults. There are many ways
   to do a given task, and one should expect Squeak[land]to be a
   different land!

   Not sure these thoughts make sense, and considering the messages
   about how hard it can be to do certain (seemingly) simple things,
   this surely is not the whole answer.

   HTH, and blessings to all.

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