Dixie Bears

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Sun Mar 16 20:08:26 PST 2003


The Dixie Bears project can also be seen in Dan Ingalls' (archived) talk
at Stanford in 2001 (as part of the Computer Systems Lab Colloquium).
For those who are interested, point your web browser to
and click on the camera icon on the third row.

In the first hour of the presentation, Dan talks about Smalltalk history
and features. After that, he talks about Squeak and shows some cool stuff
(including Dixie Bears).
I am looking forward to seeing Kay/Papert archived webcast.


Antonio Barros

> Darius Clarke wrote:
>> Is the "Dixie Bears.004.pr" project that we saw last Thursday
>> available for  download?
>> Cheers,
>> Darius
> Point your web browser to
> There are three versions there
> Karl

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