EToy French Translation

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at
Fri Mar 14 10:26:31 PST 2003

Hello, Philippe,

What's missing is only that you need to evaluate the following expression:

Vocabulary setTranslationInitializer: #addFrenchVocabulary 
forLanguageSymbol: #Francais.

... and once you've done that, you will then find that Francais is 
available as one of the language choices in the "set language" menu 
(fourth item in the "help" menu.)  And once you choose Francais as a 
project's language, your French translations will appear on all etoy 
tiles in the project.

To prepare your translation as a SqueakMap package that people can 
load in to their images, put your #addFrenchVocabulary method into a 
change-set, and give that change-set a postscript that evaluates that 
#setTranslationInitializer: expression, and everything ought to work.

Hope this helps,

   -- Scott

PS:  Sorry for the long delay in responding.  Your email had bounced 
from the Squeakland list and we only became aware of it last week. 
Then it turns out that the reply I sent ten days ago never made it to 
the Squeakland list.  So here's trying again.

>From: philippe at
>To: squeakland at
>Subject: Etoy French Translation
>Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:31:06 GMT
>I need a little help for language switching after adding
>#addFrenchVocabulary method.
>Don t know what to do with #assureTranslationAvailableFor:
>it s not really clear...
>I would like to provide for french teacher and kids translated version and
>Squeak is wonderfull, and realy way ahead. Thank you
>Philippe Nougaillon

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