I want to document...slightly off topic

John Voiklis voiklis at redfigure.org
Tue Mar 11 17:13:14 PST 2003

Hello Everyone,

This series of questions, and especially the reference to the
as  yet unrealized intermediate visual programming/scripting environment,
reminds me of a question that went unanswered a few weeks ago.

What are the universal tiles? Do they have anything to do with the
intermediate interface that was mentioned? I have played ever so
slightly with universal tiles; they remind me a bit of the tile scriptor
that I discovered accidentally when working in the system browser, but
otherwise I have not seen any substantive difference between regular and
universal tiles. I am very likely missing something.

Who uses universal tiles and why; or, to put a different spin on it, who
should use universal tiles and for what purposes? Finally, since I
mentioned it, what is the tile scriptor...could I do full-fledged
Squeak/Smalltalk programming using a tile interface...how (this last
extended question may be more appropriate to another list)?

I know that to ask these questions means, to a certain extent, that
universal tiles are not for me. Then again, I had similar questions about
Squeak itself three years ago.



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