I want to document but I need to learn first!

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at squeakland.org
Tue Mar 11 10:14:43 PST 2003

Thanks Brent --

At 9:44 AM -0500 3/11/03, Brent Vukmer wrote:
>Jerry --
>Could you post your field notes from your eToys demo?  Also it would 
>be great to see what the teachers' questions were.
>You may have already found this on the Web, but Alan Kay did a 
>fairly detailed tutorial/exploration of eToys-and-Squeak for Tamika 
>Knox's class problem.  See http://www.squeakland.org:8080/super/200 .

I hate to say this but I pretty much forgot what I did here -- even 
that I did it -- and certainly did forget this link (life has been 
complicated the last 2 years ...). This is actually a pretty good 
start at some of the things that Jerry wants and needs. I think the 
reason that I didn't link this up is that I didn't get done with the 
general stuff and didn't hand it off to anyone else .. then it got 
forgotten. But, it's on a swiki so it is open to be added to and 
changed for the better ... Maybe we should link this into the 
squeakland.org site even in its unfinished state and hope someone 
(perhaps with the energy of Sebastian's students) will add to it.



>I found that link via Google.  I suspected that it was on the 
>Squeakland Swiki, but I couldn't find the link when I navigated 
>around the Squeakland website --  neither 
>http://squeakland.org/author/swikis.html nor 
>http://squeakland.org/author/swikiserver.html points to the Swiki 
>homepage URL  ( http://squeakland.org:8080/super ).
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>Subject: I want to document but I need to learn first!
>I have some "field notes" from an attempt I made to show etoys to 
>teachers-to-be in UCSD's Teacher Education Program that I would love 
>to share with people on this list.  Some of the contents border on 
>painful, but if I could only answer all *their* questions (and 
>remember, if I am twice-, these teachers are three-times-removed 
>from Squeak-insiderness), 


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