turtle trails

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at chello.se
Mon Mar 3 07:27:51 PST 2003

Andreas Raab wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> There seem to be two independent problems here. One is that apparently pen
> trails in the world are ignored completely (if you're interested check out
> PasteUpMorph>>patchAt:without:andNothingAbove: which fills the area with the
> world's color only so that anything but a plain color will be ignored ... ho
> hum). That means only pen trails in any "inner" playfields can actually
> work. 
I had a look before I posted on the list. And it turned out to solve
my problem faster than to hack that 'patchAt' method ;-)
> The second problem seems to be related to color depth - even within some
> playfield I couldn't get this to work for any display depth > 8. Most likely
> there's some odd problem with mapping the colors to indexes correctly. So
> the only workaround I can recommend is to use some playfield _and_ set the
> display depth to 8bpp.

That did the trick. Thanks.


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