Flatlanders and The Planiverse

Sebastian Hergott sebastian.hergott at tel.tdsb.on.ca
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It sounds like a wonderful experience, especially with A. K. Dewdney himself. Similar in a way to meeting Alan Kay where Squeak is concerned. Your students are very fortunate.

I guess it is not a coincidence that this book is part of the culture that informs Squeak learning.
I'd be interested in a similar collaborative project between our classes perhaps next school year. Perhaps we could involve other schools as well. I ordered the book, the annotated version and Flatlanders as well a couple nights ago. Good March break
reading I hope.
Thanks for sharing.

squeakland at squeakland.org writes:
>Actually several years ago, I personally contacted A.K.Dewdney and asked him if he would be interested in working with my 4th and 5th graders, who were trying to solve some of the problems posed in Planiverse.  We were working collaboratively with a 4th
>& 5th grade class in San Jose.  He was delighted and flew down to meet with the children.

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