Flatlanders and The Planiverse

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Wed Feb 26 10:50:46 PST 2003


Actually several years ago, I personally contacted A.K.Dewdney and asked him if he would be interested in working with my 4th and 5th graders, who were trying to solve some of the problems posed in Planiverse.  We were working collaboratively with a 4th & 5th grade class in San Jose.  He was delighted and flew down to meet with the children.  He was wonderful, and delighted that the children were so interested in his book and in trying to solve the problems that it raises.  The children were using HyperCard at the time and came up with some very clever ways to solve some of the problems posed in Dewdney's book.  We never told the children how they were actually solved in the book, but merely posed the problems to them.  ie. How would you get to school if you lived in such a world.  Amazingly enough, many of there solutions were much like the solutions in the book. We shared our solutions  between the two classes.  It was a wonderful project.  

BJ Conn

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