Roamer sim progress

Phil Firsenbaum tacmanphil at
Mon Feb 24 08:17:25 PST 2003

So, I'm making progress. I've gotten my Roam1 object to behave very 
much the way I wanted. When I activate the moveMe script the object 
moves forward the number of steps set in the slider (whose value is 
visible in both watchers!), while the reset script/button brings the 
object back to the starting position and heading.
I've duplicated these scripts for the second object (Roam2), however, 
when I run the moveMe2 script I get an error (MessageNotUnderstood: 
getNumericValue). The moveMe script also has a getNumericValue call, 
but it works. Any idea about what's going on?

I still want/need to have multiple screens in this project, so I'm 
working with a stack (even though i should probably change to a Book). 
How would I duplicate some or all of the objects I see on one card onto 
another card (page)? I found the copy to paste buffer item but I don't 
see how to paste ("standard" Cmd-v doesn't work). I was able to 
duplicate a number of objects but I don't want them on the same screen. 
Should I embed the objects into the background...but I don't want them 
on all backgrounds. Probably just on one or two other cards...

Well, anyway, here's what the project looks like thus far.
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