Partial List of Etoy Projects

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Fri Feb 14 20:56:38 PST 2003

Do you have a good algorithm or strategy for TicTacToe? Let me know 
and I'll see what I can do. There are some very interesting 
distributed system approaches that might be good here -- somewhat 
similar to the biological tree growing schemes in etoys that don't 
require recursion, but are "recursive" none the less.




At 1:50 PM +0100 2/14/03, Karl Ramberg wrote:
>Alan Kay wrote:
>>Our impression is that most folks who have started in etoys have 
>>tended to stay with projects that are like the examples given on 
>>the website and have not gone much beyond those examples. This is 
>>just to point out that there are lots of really interesting 
>>mathematical, scientific and theatrical projects for which etoys 
>>are a pretty neat authoring environment.
>Have anybody done a TicTacToe or FourInARow type of game in etoys?
>I have been poundering with the idea a while and have not yet found
>good way to make this kind of algorithms in etoys.


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