problem from a beginner

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at
Wed Feb 12 10:26:47 PST 2003

Hi Mark,
You might want to send your query to the "" mailing list 
which is "populated" /read by more programmers /"cs types" than 
teachers, parents and kids....the Squeakland list is comprised mostly 
of people using the "etoy"/tile interface of Squeak than with this 
kind of code.
cheers and good luck!

>I am trying to learn about squeak and writing a method to compute
>factorial using a loop.  Here's my code
>"an alternative to factorial method"
>| answer end |
>answer := 1.
>end := self.
>1 to: end do:
>    [:index | answer := answer * index.
>Transcript show: (answer printString), '  ', (index printString); cr. ]
>The output looks fine, but when I call this method all that gets
>returned is the original value sent.  Please help me clear this hurdle.


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