Open Charter School Institute

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at
Thu Feb 6 13:47:25 PST 2003

I'll be in the office Friday from 8 AM -- 2:30...
if I miss you those times, you should catch me at home (310) 285-9522 
beween 5 and 6 probably!
  Talk to you soon!

>Great hearing from you.  I'd love to get together sometime.  Let me 
>give you a call tomorrow (at the office?) and we can talk about 
>>I believe I informed you all of a 2 day annual "Institute" held by 
>>the Open Charter School in Los Angeles.  The original dates for 
>>this year's event was March 7/8.  However, due to administrative 
>>circumstances the school has had to change the date -- the 
>>"Constructivism in Action" Institute will now be held April 3 and 
>>4th at the school.  As part of this Institute BJ Conn will conduct 
>>a hands on Squeak workshop - geared for 4-6th grade.
>>For more information contact: Robert Burk (rburk1 at
>>the school's principal.
>>  -- Kim
>Cathleen Galas
>University of California, Los Angeles
>Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
>Corinne A. Seeds University Elementary School
>10636 Charles E. Young Drive North
>Mailbox:  951619
>Los Angeles, California 90095-1619
>(310)825-1801 main line
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