A Question about Croquet's Philosophy on Multi-user 3D Environments...

Darius Clarke darius at inglang.com
Thu Feb 6 13:28:37 PST 2003

Hello Everyone,

Just curious... 
Have Croquet developers and Croquet users considered what effect "flash crowds" 
might have in Croquet in terms of avatar space and multiple users 
simultaniously moving the same 3D object?

Definition of "flash crowd":

"Larry Niven's 1973 SF short story "Flash Crowd" predicted that one consequence 
of cheap teleportation would be huge crowds materializing almost instantly at 
the sites of interesting news stories. Twenty years later the term passed into 
common use on the Internet to describe exponential spikes in website or server 
usage when one passes a certain threshold of popular interest (this may also be 
called slashdot effect). "


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> This has been a very interesting discussion and certainly reminds one 
> of the many layers (computer architecture, social, economic etc., 
> etc.)invovled in building a shareable, open space like Croquet.
> thanks,
>   Kim

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