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Andrew Henrick ahenrick at
Fri Jul 12 13:38:21 PDT 2002

> In order for people to get this new version they need to do a 
> complete new download/install via "Click here to Download Squeak" or 
> the "Get Squeak" menu, right?   This will not work if they just "load 
> updates" is this correct?  
> thanks and cheers,
> Kim

You are correct.  Prior to this I was using the 3.1alpha virtual machine.  
In order to get the latest and greatest version, you must 
download and install the latest virtual machine (3.2-4 for linux peeps),
and possibly the corresponding image and change files (3.2gamma-4881 for 
linux peeps).

SqueakV3.sources has not changed (I checked) so you don't need to download
a new one.  After this you can run "code update" from within squeak which 
just updates your image file (haven't done this yet).

Linux people can get the latest and greatest from Ian at

You'll need 
Follow the instructions for each and then
ln -s /usr/local/share/squeak/SqueakV3.sources /usr/local/lib/squeak/.

Now you can go to a new directory and run
and play around with the new version.

For people running the linux os on an i686, there are some slight differences
in the way that the inisqueak command works.  For 3.0 and 3.1alpha inisqueak
copies the source, image, and change files from
Apparently 3.2 has done away with this convention and puts the source, image,
and change files in 

Also, every vm with a different minor number has its own inisqueak command.
Before this release, those commands were stored in
/usr/local/lib/squeak/vm#  (where vm# is replace with 3.0, 3.1alpha, ...)
inisqueak for 3.2-4 is now located in 

I personally don't like these changes and *fixed* them by using 
some symbolic links.  Just preference I guess.  I have share directory
and these files are shared so...  I also don't like the idea of my
old shared image and change files getting wiped out when I install a new 
version so...

And the say linux isn't supported.  Has anyone played around with the
plugin yet?


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