New version

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at
Fri Jul 12 08:43:22 PDT 2002

Hi, Michael -

Yay!  I know our IE users will be especially delighted.....

In order for people to get this new version they need to do a 
complete new download/install via "Click here to Download Squeak" or 
the "Get Squeak" menu, right?   This will not work if they just "load 
updates" is this correct?  I want to make sure to understand 

Folks -- please provide feedback!

thanks and cheers,

At 11:26 PM -0700 7/11/02, Michael Rueger wrote:
>Hi all,
>first my apologies for the long delay in getting the new version up 
>and running. But, it's finally there :-)
>What's new:
>- new plugin version, now based on the Squeak 3.2 final release and 
>the newest VMs
>- support for Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher
>- support for Netscape 6/7 (there might be problems though if you 
>are behind a proxy or firewall)
>- support for Mozilla 1.0 (there might be problems though if you are 
>behind a proxy or firewall)
>- web site should render ok in most browsers. Please let me know if 
>anything is broken in your browser (most often an offset in the menu 
>We do not have native Mac OS-X support yet, but it should work fine 
>in OS 9 classic mode.
>The *ix version is not ready yet, but there are links to the current 
>Squeak versions etc. for brave souls to explore.
>You need to download and install the new version, but you don't need 
>to uninstall older versions. Can't hurt if you do though.
>Please let me know if you run into any problems, there are just too 
>many browser and OS versions out there.
>P.S. Apologies if you receive this message more than once, I bcc 
>everybody who had sent me a note about problems with the old version.
>This is the only time these addresses will be used.


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