New version

Michael Rueger m.rueger at
Fri Jul 12 00:26:27 PDT 2002

Hi all,

first my apologies for the long delay in getting the new version up and 
running. But, it's finally there :-)

What's new:
- new plugin version, now based on the Squeak 3.2 final release and the 
newest VMs
- support for Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher
- support for Netscape 6/7 (there might be problems though if you are 
behind a proxy or firewall)
- support for Mozilla 1.0 (there might be problems though if you are 
behind a proxy or firewall)
- web site should render ok in most browsers. Please let me know if 
anything is broken in your browser (most often an offset in the menu 

We do not have native Mac OS-X support yet, but it should work fine in 
OS 9 classic mode.
The *ix version is not ready yet, but there are links to the current 
Squeak versions etc. for brave souls to explore.

You need to download and install the new version, but you don't need to 
uninstall older versions. Can't hurt if you do though.

Please let me know if you run into any problems, there are just too many 
browser and OS versions out there.


P.S. Apologies if you receive this message more than once, I bcc 
everybody who had sent me a note about problems with the old version.
This is the only time these addresses will be used.

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