Laptops, Learners and Powerful Ideas Conference

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An aside : INTEL is watching the Maine project very intently.  I
understand they've donated PC laptops to several parochial schools.  I
wonder which would survive the durability test, iBook or PC?  I wonder
what applications they've got loaded on those computers?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the publication of the conference


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Well, I got started on this path by meeting Seymour in 1968 and many 
of my first insights into this area came from Seymour. We've been 
colleagues and friends now for more than 30 years.




At 11:05 AM -0700 7/3/02, Edwin Pilobello wrote:
>Seems like this conference has a dream team.  From the looks of it, 
>you're going to be surrounded by Logoist...MicroWorlds in particular.
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>Laptops, Learners and Powerful Ideas
>University of Maine
>August 14-16, 2002
>Don't miss a once-in-a-lifetime intimate conference, August 14-16, 
>concerned with the powerful educational ideas accompanying the growing 
>use of laptops in education.
>Keynote speakers include:
>Alan Kay
>Seymour Papert
>David Loader, the first principal with a computer per student (1989) 
>Steve Costa, the first teacher to have a class of students with laptops
>Clotilde Fonseca, one of the leaders of Costa Rica's high-tech 
>Other speakers include:
>Bruce Dixon, recognized by the Smithsonian for making it possible for
>schools to use laptops     
>              (1989)
>Gary Stager, a pioneer in laptop school professional development Saul 
>Rockman, educational researcher Dennis Harper, founder of Generation 
>Yes, a federally-recognized approach to kid-based
>                sustainable professional development
>Hands-on workshops, dynamic presentations and stimulating discussions 
>with policy-makers will round out this exciting event.
>For more information, point your browser to: 
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