Laptops, Learners and Powerful Ideas Conference

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Seems like this conference has a dream team.  From the looks of it,
you're going to be surrounded by Logoist...MicroWorlds in particular.


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Laptops, Learners and Powerful Ideas
University of Maine
August 14-16, 2002

Don't miss a once-in-a-lifetime intimate conference, August 14-16, 
concerned with the powerful educational ideas accompanying the growing 
use of laptops in education. 

Keynote speakers include: 
Alan Kay
Seymour Papert
David Loader, the first principal with a computer per student (1989)
Steve Costa, the first teacher to have a class of students with laptops 
Clotilde Fonseca, one of the leaders of Costa Rica's high-tech education


Other speakers include: 
Bruce Dixon, recognized by the Smithsonian for making it possible for 
schools to use laptops      
Gary Stager, a pioneer in laptop school professional development Saul
Rockman, educational researcher Dennis Harper, founder of Generation
Yes, a federally-recognized approach 
to kid-based 
               sustainable professional development

Hands-on workshops, dynamic presentations and stimulating discussions 
with policy-makers will round out this exciting event.

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