Are there any folks on the Squeak list who are either ...

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at
Wed Jul 3 09:29:16 PDT 2002

Hi, Thom -
I have no direct knowledge of any library or librarian using 
Squeak....but I certainly am not aware of all....

>librarians or working with libraries with Squeak in any fashion? Any
>libraries have Squeak installed on machines? Usually public libraries are
>very reluctant to install anything they can't explain down to cds which
>have odd installation requirements. I'm guessing there might be some school
>libraries which might have Squeak installed. Any folks with grants using
>Squeak for media literacy projects?
>This is for an article tentatively called 'The Importance of Illiteracy.'
>Magazine is the Library Journal, circ of about 25,000.
>Thanks, Thom
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