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Sun Nov 25 08:07:50 PST 2001

Dear Squeaklanders,

The October issue of Squeak News has the theme "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom". It has many examples from teachers and students and even though it took us a little longer than anticipated to pull it off it turned out to be a quite a nice presentation tool for Squeak's usage in classroom. You can check out the contents of this issue from Squeak News site at: http://www.squeaknews.com/current/index.html

In order to promote Squeak better in schools we decided to offer to download this issue free to qualified teachers and school administrators. If you would like to order the CD edition we again would like to offer 25% discount to the purchases and subscriptions to the Squeak News e-zine if you are a teacher. For subscriptions you can choose the "prospective author" options to benefit from the discount. For individual issue purchases you would need to contact to me to arrange the purchase.
If you truly think that your school could benefit but you are not in a situation to be able to download it or purchase it then if you let me know, I may be able to forward a CD for you.

If you would like to download the issue then you would need to know a few things:
First the e-zine comes in a zipped ISO format which is either suitable to be burned to a CD or can be mount to some systems as an ISO file system. Once you burn it into a CD you can use it on a Mac, Windows or Linux machine.
Second it is big (>40MBs) and you ideally need broadband access to be able to download it.

Once you receive your copy, Squeak News license allows you to copy and give it to other people for personal and educational use. This way you can introduce Squeak to your fellow teachers much easier than just offering them to play with Squeak.

Squeak News is developed in Squeak and could also help you with ideas on presentation. Previous issues also started a series of articles on learning how to program in Squeak that may be of interest to some of you.
You can also freely download the first 2 issues of Squeak News from http://www.squeaknews.com/download/index.html

Best Regards

Tansel Ersavas
Editor, Squeak News

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