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Sun May 3 13:54:43 EDT 2009

     [ http://tracker.immuexa.com/browse/SQ-163?page=comments#action_34394 ]
Karl Ramberg commented on SQ-163:

I tested PolygonFix-tetha.1.cs and found a few bugs in StarMorph>>setVerticesCount: 
I fixed them in PolygonFix-kfr.cs.

> PolygonMorph issues
> -------------------
>          Key: SQ-163
>          URL: http://tracker.immuexa.com/browse/SQ-163
>      Project: squeakland
>         Type: Bug
>   Components: etoys
>     Reporter: team
>     Priority: Eventual
>      Fix For: M3: summer beta (july)
>  Attachments: PolygonFix-kfr.cs, PolygonFix-tetha.1.cs, PolygonMorph-updateHandles.st, polygonRepairs-wiz.5.cs
> From  Ticket #9277 (antonio, feb 2009)
> etoys-dev-4.0 till 2206 cs, linux debian O.S.
> etoys mode,
> object Curve (basic category) is a PolygonMorph, an instance show a vertices count=3 by default, but if you try to modify this number the PolygonMorph does not understand makeVertices:
> with "remove all vertices but cursor" sometimes I get an EvaluationError and sometimes I get a PreDebugWindow also
> polygonRepairs-wiz.5.cs (11.8 kB) - added by ScottWallace 11 days ago.
> PolygonFix-tetha.1.cs (2.7 kB) - added by ScottWallace 11 days ago.
> (antonio) I analyzed it more deeply:
> 1.- create an instance of Curve (Basic categorie at Object Catalog)
> 2.- Halo > Menu > Show handles with it
> 3.- open its Viewer and look for "vertices", you'll find: remove all vertices but cursor
> Run this command once, then I get an EvaluationError
> 1.- create an instance of Curve (Basic categorie at Object Catalog)
> 2.- open its Viewer and look for "vertices", you'll find: remove all vertices but cursor
> Run this command once
> 3.- now that you have a black point, get (complicated without easySelection ON, perhaps easySelection could have a keyboard shortcut) its Halo and clic on Menu > Show handles
> 4.- look for: remove all vertices but cursor and run this command once, then I get an PreDebugWindow
> 1.- create an instance of Curve (Basic categorie at Object Catalog)
> 2.- Halo > Menu > Show handles with it
> 3.- ...remove all vertices but cursor... Run this command once
> 4.- now that you have a blue circle and a orange triangle, clic on the triangle: OrderedCollection error
> or try to move the object from the blue circle: OrderedCollection error
> From Jerome Peace, 1 March 2009:
> Hi Yoshiki & crew
> Attached are some repairs for handles that prevent the errors antonio ran into. These are essentially from my polygon work for 3.9/3.10.2. They leave out the curvier repairs and just focus on the handle repairs.
> I also noticed that arrow prototypes and triangles allow for deleting vertices but then prevent anyone from adding vertices back. So when you get a polygon with just one vertex it will be forced to stay that way.
> This is not a problem for closed polygons except for triangle prototypes which aquire a special property to prevent additions. It is a problem for polygons that are open.
> So I modified addHandles to allow a triangle handle for one vertex polygons. I also modified setVertices: to remove the special property when any polygon gets down to one vertex. That seem to me less limiting that the current case.
> Looking at triangles and how simple and elegant they look with handles, it seems to be it might be nice to give the users a choice whether to have the triangle handles show or not. A second menu item perhaps
> show move handles show edit handles
> (with the check boxes in front as you do now).
> It might even be pleasant if the move handles refrained from deleting themselves if the edit handles were not present. Then triangles would stay triangles etc.
> That was too much of an enhancement to force on these repairs, but the thought has now come up :) .
> From Yoshiki, 2 March 2009:
>     Thanks, Jerome,
>     In the meantime (ah this happened again), Hayashi-san had another
> proposed fix that looks like attached. This is really the minimum fix and easier to adapt I consider, but what is your opinion?
> (From Jerome, 2 March 20090  Hi Yoshiki,
> Hayashi-san works fast! :) I have downloaded his fix and will play with it soon.
> Hayashi-san's fix seems to address other code than my fixes. Other than updateHandles (and setVertices: ) they don't seem to collide. So my general recommendation would be to combine both.
> His fix does not address the ungrowable one vertex problem which would be considered a separate bug from what antonio reported.
> Also having a factored out midPoints method gives a lot of useful options going forward. You could create a polygon from just the midPoints for example.
> The tests hasArrows and isCurvy are also frequently needed and factoring them out simplifies code and reduces bugs.
> When a curve is down to two points isCurvy recognizes that there is no reason to use the curve calculations. This benefits a little bit in terms of speed and it also helps proper placement of the midpoints.
> The code I sent you has been in use in 3.9 and 3.10.2 so I have some confidence in it being solid.
> What are Hayashi-san's thoughts?
> (antonio)  1.- Load a Curve and a Text, 2.- Curve > HaloMenu > acept drops 3.- Put the Text over the Curve (with black button) 4.- embed the Text into the Curve (Text's Halo > embed...) 5.- clic into Curve, get its Halo and clic into closed option for open it 6.- text's halo again and clic in follow owner's curve then OK, he does, BUT when I select now the Curve for erase it with upper left Halo's button I get a crash error I do not test it with Polygon object
> (without the new changesets)

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