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#9276: PangoRenderer
           Reporter:  amoreno         |       Owner:  etoys         
               Type:  defect          |      Status:  new           
           Priority:  high            |   Milestone:  Future Release
          Component:  etoys-activity  |     Version:  not specified 
         Resolution:                  |    Keywords:                
        Next_action:  never set       |    Verified:  0             
Deployment_affected:                  |   Blockedby:                
           Blocking:                  |  
Changes (by bert):

  * priority:  normal => high
  * milestone:  Not Triaged => Future Release


 I can confirm this. Pango text rendering is clipped to the area the window
 had when Pango was enabled. To reproduce run Etoys, place a little
 rectangle in the lower right corner to mark the old extent, get a text and
 enable pango in its halo, enlarge window,  drag the text by its brown halo
 handle beyond the former window extent.

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