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Wed Apr 29 08:25:26 EDT 2009

Making a script fire on mouseStillDown, and holding the button fires at some high unknown rate. Perhaps it should be governed by the ticking rate. And by the ticking rate setting also.

In the Lunar Lander, gravity is ticking. Make a button that counteracts it when mouseStillDown. It will run about 10 times as often than the ticking script.


Hmm... this sounds like a pretty good idea.

However, of course, the mouse-still-down is dispatched by the basic morphic event-handler mechanism, not by the ticking mechanism.

But in an ideal world (rather than one in which we take what Morphic will give us,) yes, perhaps we should put the frequency of dispatch to scripts triggered by mouse-still-down under the user's control.

Conceptually, a script set to trigger on mouse-still-down could be thought of as an always-ticking-script guarded by whether the mouse went down in the object and is still down. But implementation, transcending the worlds of event-dispatch and ticking, might be tricky. Probably not a priority anytime soon.


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