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Tue Apr 14 06:40:04 EDT 2009

A fullsized picture of the current appearence of the morph is taken.

This picture can be moved around like any image.
It can be resized.
Resizing will tend to retain the aspect ratio of the morph.

When size and position are to the liking of the user, the red menu can be used.
By selecting the Popup feature from the red menu the behavior changes.

The thumbnail becomes resistant to lifting (the halos can still grab and move).
Mousing down on the thumbnail pops up a full sized version of the morph.

Mousing up "releases" the popup.

This was a feature I got from lex spoon and adopted to 3.9.

It allows for several things that are fun and interesting.

You can "draw" by assembling any morph and taking a snap shot.

By doing this with a background pasteup morph you could get a sequence of snapshots of its contents. Stop action animation if you wish.
The full sized images are always the same dimension insuring alignment.

You can have fun by using the feature on the snapshots themselves. 
Make a snap shot. Add a border. Make a snap of that add another border.
Interesting effects.

You can choose to get Toenails of small morphs. Get a snap of the small morph and enlarge it.

You can decorate books with thumbnails of large pictures with the pictures popping up on demand. This is what Lex did that made me what this in squeak.



An implementation in Squeak 3.9 already exists.
The thumbnails are submorphs of image morph.

To adapt it to etoys would not be too hard.
Interface choices might want to be adjusted.

I'll add mantis references in a future comment to this report.

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