[Etoys-notify] #6201 BLOC 8.2.1: No sound, or even freeze after sleep

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Fri Sep 12 17:42:00 EDT 2008

#6201: No sound, or even freeze after sleep
   Reporter:  bert       |       Owner:  dilinger     
       Type:  defect     |      Status:  new          
   Priority:  blocker    |   Milestone:  8.2.1        
  Component:  kernel     |     Version:               
 Resolution:             |    Keywords:  blocks-:8.2.0
Next_action:  never set  |    Verified:  0            
  Blockedby:             |    Blocking:               

Comment(by cjb):

 Thanks.  I guess it'll be hard to keep strace going over suspend, but it
 might also be sufficient to start an strace/gdb after the hang, and then
 see which call/FD we're stuck on.

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