[Etoys-notify] #8435 NORM Not Tri: Weird download dialog

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Fri Sep 12 06:18:45 EDT 2008

#8435: Weird download dialog
   Reporter:  bert             |       Owner:  erikos       
       Type:  defect           |      Status:  new          
   Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  Not Triaged  
  Component:  browse-activity  |     Version:  not specified
 Resolution:                   |    Keywords:               
Next_action:  never set        |    Verified:  0            
  Blockedby:                   |    Blocking:               

Comment(by erikos):

 Did 653-708-joyride-2422. The uploading of files and downloading works
 fine. I made sure that after updating to joyride and starting browse the
 date of the compreg.dat changed and the compability.ini was fine. So this
 use case seems to work fine.

 Bert, so we need a way to reproduce your use case.

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