[Etoys-notify] #8290 NORM Not Tri: Etoys shows wrong font size if fallback to Pango

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#8290: Etoys shows wrong font size if fallback to Pango
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 Etoys89 on Joyride2369

 If Etoys run with Pango and there is a morph using font that is in-image
 one and doesn't exist for Pango, that fallbacks to other font.
 But at same time font size change silently while in halo font menu shows
 original size.  It seems correct font size is used if that is set
 I think size change should be avoided.  And if size is changed actually,
 font menu should show actual setting.

 How to reproduce:
 (Preparation)  Install Sazanami font onto XO, set locale of Sugar to

 (1) Start Etoys, then locale automatically switched to Japanese.
 "GALLERY OF PROJECT" cloud on index screen that original font is
 KomikaTextKaps 36pt shrinks to size of about 24point.
 But in halo menu, font setting is displayed same as original.

 (2) If font setting is changed manually to 24, then to 36point,
 result appearance is close to original.

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