[etoys-dev] [ANN] make 4th grade courseware this summer

Timothy Falconer teefal at waveplace.org
Sat Jun 27 08:34:07 EDT 2015

For years, I've endeavored to create a courseware library that showcases
the deep-learning possibilities of tools such as Squeak Etoys and Scratch.
We made progress using Etoys as the platform, but never quite finished. Now
I’d like to try again with Tidepool <http://playtidepool.com/>.

I’m hoping to find educators who can help us create 8 to 24 units this
summer. We have a fund for stipends, which will be shared by the authors.
All courseware will be Creative Commons.  Tidepool itself is free.

Contact me here if interested:  http://PlayTidepool.com/contact/

More details here:

Take care,

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