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Revision: 2003
Author:   kfr
Date:     2014-01-22 21:06:07 +0000 (Wed, 22 Jan 2014)
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Modified: trunk/Etoys/NEWS
--- trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2014-01-22 21:01:29 UTC (rev 2002)
+++ trunk/Etoys/NEWS	2014-01-22 21:06:07 UTC (rev 2003)
@@ -1,6 +1,29 @@
+* Read gconf.xml new format. (SQ-1200)
+* Fix drawing morphs with translucent gradient (by adopting the fix made by Andreas in 2009)
+* Fix a age old bug in PianoRollNoteMorph>>mouseMove:
+* Inserts multiple scaled objects into a holder causes them to scale further (SQ-628)(SQ-935)
+* Fixes issues with variables in Kedama
+* Added issing method for scripting "naked" morphs
+* Fix for offset of a dropped morph that changes to thumbnails
+* A few fixes to the SelectionMorph. Among them SelectionMorph>>slideToTrash: (SQ-251)
+* Smome enhancements to GraphMorph
+* Fix DNU from rotating FlapTabs. There are still other issues with rotating FlapTabs that are not addressed
+* Turn off corner rounding in MethodMorph
+* Insert players uniqueNameForReference when dropped on a ScriptEditor textual method pane. Simple support for objRef tiles added. Rejects most other dropped tiles at the moment. (SQ-161)
+* Move object/player into view *after* it has been included in its new owner, not before.
+* Added warning about changing variable type in used scripts (SQ-1138)
+* Fix long standing bug with printing small numbers ie 1.2245678e-16. Copied method from Squeak 4.4
+* Add Etoy interfaces to ScratchPlugin picture manipulation methods (SQ-996)
+* Register preferences as a file service and make storing and loading preferences a little more flexible.
+* localization: list of mathematical functions untranslateable or wrong strings used(SQ-1110)
+* SaveGIF button on Class ButtonBar and FSM ButtonBar is broken (SQ-1124)
+* FSM ButtonBar appears with white text on white (SQ-1123)
 5.0.2409 (28 July 2012)
 * 5.0.1 Final
-* Updated translation: de 
+* Updated translation:( de 
 * Put Listener back into object catalog (still hidden from categories, only found in alphabetical list or by searching)
 5.0.2408 (1 July 2012)

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