[etoys-dev] [GSoC ideas] Squeak

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Feb 11 12:03:14 EST 2014

(sending on behalf of Paolo Bonzini, who runs this year's Smalltalk GSoC)

Hi folks,

ESUG, the European Smalltalk User Group, is applying for this year's Google Summer of Code.  As you probably know, the Summer of Code provides the opportunity to fund students to work during the summer on Smalltalk.  Please reply to this email (be sure to use "Reply to all") if you have ideas you would like to propose.

Please include a summary of the project and links to web pages that can help prospective students to write their application. Please also include the following information:

- if applicable, other dialects that you would be willing to mentor this project for

- the skill level

- name of the mentor(s), email addresses, and possibly any IRC network/channel/nickname where they can be found.

Thanks for contributing to ESUG's Summer of Code application!

- Bert - 

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