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Pato Acevedo patitoacevedo at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 18 16:02:59 EST 2013

Hi Charles:
> First, let me say how I impressed with the various developement teams
> involved (RPi, Squeak, eToys, Scratch). You all are doing amazing work!
> I have been googling and am attempting to learn how to boot the Raspberry
> Pi directly into eToys just like the option for booting directly into
> Scratch. Surely there is a relatively easy way to do this, but since eToys
> is not yet deployed on the stock Raspbian image, it does not yet look like
> it has the official support on the RPi install team. I am very thankful
> that installing eToys is as easy as "apt-get install etoys" - that is so
> totally awesome! Now, how to boot directly into eToys?
May be this link help:
> As an aside, any idea why eToys is filed under "non-free" extensions for
> RPi?
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> Charles Schultz
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