[etoys-dev] Raspberry Pi boot directly to eToys?

Charles Schultz sacrophyte at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 11:04:54 EST 2013

Good day,

First, let me say how I impressed with the various developement teams
involved (RPi, Squeak, eToys, Scratch). You all are doing amazing work!

I have been googling and am attempting to learn how to boot the Raspberry
Pi directly into eToys just like the option for booting directly into
Scratch. Surely there is a relatively easy way to do this, but since eToys
is not yet deployed on the stock Raspbian image, it does not yet look like
it has the official support on the RPi install team. I am very thankful
that installing eToys is as easy as "apt-get install etoys" - that is so
totally awesome! Now, how to boot directly into eToys?

As an aside, any idea why eToys is filed under "non-free" extensions for

Charles Schultz
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