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Kathleen Harness kathleenharness at gmail.com
Fri May 31 09:38:48 EDT 2013

Hi Avigail,
I found my way into the meeting, it was just Rita and me but we had a good

I have an idea for iPad Apps that could showcase several people's projects
in individualized Apps so the iTunes store would have a series of Etoys for
people to choose among. Free to download.

Perhaps the hard part of making Etoys for the iPad could be done once but
that what was packaged could be changed pretty easily and the new Apps
could go up over time as the projects were ready and a developer had time
to swap things in and out.
Etoys Points of View: Avigail's Simulations
Etoys Points of View: Rita's Projects for Illusions
Etoys Points of View: Steve's Mathematical Projects
Etoys Points of View: Kathleen's Games and Puzzles
etc Perhaps there are other people who would like to do something like this

I chose the phrase Points of View to reflect our history and connections to
Viewpoints Research Institute.

The projects for each POV could be added to the Etoys Examples already
available so the 26 that are there now would be the same for each App but
the 25-50 new ones would be there too.

In this way we would be able to show how many ways there are to use Etoys
but  the sets would be coherent according to the author's POV. My projects
act and look quite different from the others, as do yours, Steve's, and

Since I really don't know what is involved from a developer's point of
view, I just offer this as something for discussion.
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