[etoys-dev] Etoys live CD?

Narayan, Sridhar narayans at uncw.edu
Tue May 28 10:12:14 EDT 2013

We have used the Etoys-to-Go several times over the last few years in schools in neighboring counties. Since nothing needs to be installed on the host computer, no permission is needed and hence there is no security concern. In some cases, this has also helped the students out at home when the parents are concerned about installing software on their home computers.


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There is Etoys-to-Go which folks run off a USB.  Which is really nice for certsin deployments. You can take your USB and run Etoys and your orojects on a Mac one Day, a PC another and Linux the third.

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It seems insane that it's so hard to get a Squeak VM installed. Maybe we need something like Etoys but geared towards the things IT administrators care about and identify with! Especially the word "no."

I've worked with a lot of IT people who say "security" when what they really mean is "it would take work to evaluate the threat model and I don't feel like doing it so no."

One approach I've found which sometimes works is to make everything so easy for them that they feel guilty about saying no.

Has anyone thought of doing an Etoys live CD? There would be nothing to install, Etoys can already save projects to other machines, right?

Just a thought. Doesn't really assuage security concerns, but those are mostly B.S. anyway. Does make IT person mostly irrelevant (you wouldn't need their help. Just the knowledge of how to enable CD or USB booting and access to the reset button, and the live media (CD DVD or thumb drive.)

If you used a DVD you could probably keep like a million projects on the disc too.
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