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Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun May 26 14:55:35 EDT 2013


you still don't understand Apple's policy.

On 2013-05-25, at 16:14, David Corking <lists at dcorking.com> wrote:

> Steve wrote:
>> 'By what date do we realistically expect Apple to "see the light" and
>> allow authoring on version of Etoys?'
> Never,

Again, Apple does *not* oppose authoring. There are many authoring apps in the app store already.

What they oppose to is *running downloaded code*. That unfortunately includes opening Etoys projects from the Web or Email etc. Creating an Etoys project on the iPad itself would not be a problem. Neither is shipping example projects with the app.

So, in fact, I think it would be fine to build an "etoys illinois" iPad app that includes all projects. It might be somewhat large though ...

> but with network access an Etoys-like app in the web browser
> could save to a remote server without ever needing to be approved by
> Apple's app store.


> By the same token, "never" means you never get
> access to the attitude sensor, accelerometer and other fun gadgets
> unless Apple makes them available to all web developers.

Accelerometer data on iOS devices has been available to web developers since 2010.

- Bert -

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