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Thanks for the information.
Matt's comment about Chromebooks in Unit 4 was not the first district in our area to buy sets of these computers. It is not an isolated trend, is it?

The closed shop policy of Chromebooks is in direct contradiction of Google's efforts to increase the number of people who know how to program.  

We are presenting our 4th year workshop, Introduction to Programming with Etoys, with a CS4HS grant from Google. It has made a difference we can see and has built connections between the university and public school districts who are trying to include more young students in some kind of CS course. Our middle schools piloted Etoys this year and I have seen some terrific projects from 6-8th graders. Next year we are piloting Etoys in an elementary school where 20 of the teachers studied Etoys in a five day workshop. They will learn Etoys and how to adapt it to their instructional materials and classroom routines.

I have looked at Snap but still prefer Etoys.The big companies have money to burn and we do not have a cent. If we had the money, what would developers do with Etoys.
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> There is already very simple App that looks like Scratch called Hopscotch
> for the iPad. So, how are they getting Scratch on Chromebooks and iPads?

Note that Scratch 2.0 (being released right now) uses Flash, so it won't
run on iPads. I would guess that Chromebooks wouldn't have any problems
with it, but am not sure. But there is a version in Javascript, called
Snap!, that works just fine on all these machines.


> It is beginning to seem more urgent that Etoys adapt to these new rather
> closed box machines.

Etoys has been adapted, but isn't allowed by Apple to be distributed to
its users.

-- Jecel

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