[etoys-dev] touch screen surprise

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Mar 1 10:50:26 EST 2013

On 2013-03-01, at 14:51, "Harness, Kathleen" <kharness at illinois.edu> wrote:

> Hi, 
> Yesterday the ed team talked about what gesture would be needed for making the halo show.
> Last in a conference poster session, a beginner held his finger down on a large touch screen monitor, very still and the object showed a shadowy square around his finger tip and then the Halo of Handles appeared, ready to use. The same thing happens on my Asus laptop Windows 8 touch screen.

The OS interprets "long click" as "right click".

> Now the problem is how to prevent them from showing is a finished project. I didn't see a Preference that would prevent the Halos from showing. And, I don't know if that would be a good idea since one of the things I talk about with students is that they can find out how something is done by opening a halo and then the scripts. Anyway, one problem solved.

Not a good idea along the "authoring is always on" line of thinking ...

- Bert -

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