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When she complains about " access to many
interesting projects of the Showcase are practically inaccessible." Is she
referring to slowness in the "Showcase" at squeakland.org?

On Jul 18, 2013 7:13 AM, "K. K. Subramaniam" <kksubbu.ml at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Can someone in France/Europe get in touch with Ms. Suzanne Guyader and
> trace performance issues in Etoys (see below)? I live in India and the
> large timezone is proving to be a hindrance. Local help is appreciated.
> [Mdm. Suzanne Guyader is a senior art teacher in France who guides art
> teachers/students use Etoys as a medium for research in art. She uses Etoys
> 5 on Windows but some of her pupils may use Linux/Mac]
> Any help is appreciated .. Subbu
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> Thank youonce again for helping me.
> I placed the information you provided me on sites ‘Art and Etoys ' and '
> Art and Etoys of Squeak ‘
> http://community.ofset.org/**index.php/Pistes_utilisation_**Etoysof<http://community.ofset.org/index.php/Pistes_utilisation_Etoysof>Hilaire
> Fernandez..
> Thistemporary access has the advantage of preserving the current
> presentation of Etoys environments for many users not involved in
> artistic research, without frustrating others. This relieves me of a
> weight because I really felt a lack.
> To continue the list of my frustrations, I do not know if it comes from
> my Pc that are too modest but I'm surprised that access to many
> interesting projects of the Showcase are practically inaccessible.
> Loading time is became intolerably long because of the number of
> projects submitted. Sometimes it takes hours to get the last of them..
> This is unfortunate because it is rewarding and informative for everyone
> to have access to research so varied..
> But there is perhaps a computer impossibility.
> Always grateful for your availability
> regards
> suzanne
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