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K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
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Can someone in France/Europe get in touch with Ms. Suzanne Guyader and 
trace performance issues in Etoys (see below)? I live in India and the 
large timezone is proving to be a hindrance. Local help is appreciated.

[Mdm. Suzanne Guyader is a senior art teacher in France who guides art 
teachers/students use Etoys as a medium for research in art. She uses 
Etoys 5 on Windows but some of her pupils may use Linux/Mac]

Any help is appreciated .. Subbu

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Thank youonce again for helping me.
I placed the information you provided me on sites ‘Art and Etoys ' and '
Art and Etoys of Squeak ‘

http://community.ofset.org/index.php/Pistes_utilisation_Etoysof Hilaire

Thistemporary access has the advantage of preserving the current
presentation of Etoys environments for many users not involved in
artistic research, without frustrating others. This relieves me of a
weight because I really felt a lack.

To continue the list of my frustrations, I do not know if it comes from
my Pc that are too modest but I'm surprised that access to many
interesting projects of the Showcase are practically inaccessible.
Loading time is became intolerably long because of the number of
projects submitted. Sometimes it takes hours to get the last of them..
This is unfortunate because it is rewarding and informative for everyone
to have access to research so varied..
But there is perhaps a computer impossibility.

Always grateful for your availability



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