[etoys-dev] [squeakland] Is this a possible runtime bug?

Harness, Kathleen kharness at illinois.edu
Wed Jan 30 16:51:35 EST 2013

I too could make the Navigator Bar vanish by clicking on its rotate handle in my version of Etoys on the PC.
latest update #2406
Hope the attachments help the developers,
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I think this bug has been fixed. At least in my image I don't get the rotate halo icon for the Sugar Navigator Flap.
Anyway, in case it happens again, you can recreate it by evaluating the following:

SugarNavigatorBar refreshButRetainOldContents

I hope it helps,

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 4:37 PM, R.D. Latimer <rdlatimer at gmail.com<mailto:rdlatimer at gmail.com>> wrote:
Today in class a student lost the top part of the etoys interface - I
think it's called the Navigator Flap.  So he could not save the
project or interact with the project.
I'm trying to recreate what may have happened

1. Open: Make A Project
2. Right click on the black part at the top.   This brings up halo for
Sugar Navigator Flap
3.  Mouse/grab the icon for rotate, for example.  I get an error
message: Message Not Understood.
4.  At this point, I think this Navigator Flap is gone?  I'm not sure
how to retrieve the navigator flap, when this has happened.

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