[etoys-dev] Interaction with Sugar on Ubuntu

Gustavo Duarte gduarte at activitycentral.com
Thu Dec 5 08:04:18 EST 2013

Hi Everyone,

We are working on a project of Dextrose (Sugar version) over Ubuntu.

I installed Etoys version 113 from OLPC.

The problem that we are having is, when I trying to save the project,
journal option isn't showed on menu.

By suggestion from squeak dev-list, i checked the what parameters I'm
passing at starting of squeak VM.

I executed "SmalltalkImage current extractParameters" on a XO (where Etoys
is working fine and on a ClassMate with Ubuntu)

Te result are:

On XO: http://ubuntuone.com/1e1XxvDx6v41HUOyIDUoLS

On CM: http://ubuntuone.com/0NEk59zYasxeEL0sMlEjZs

As you can see, on CM (Ubuntu) the Dictionary has the key-value inverted.

I got an echo output from script etoys of classmate, as you can see bellow.
Seems the passing argument is correct, right ?


exec  squeak -encoding UTF-8 -vm-display-x11 -xshm -sugarBundleId
org.vpri.EtoysActivity -sugarActivityId
fb6717c7fece5e96de49f74ead6b01110228f086 -vm-sound-pulse
/usr/share/etoys/etoys.image   BUNDLE_PATH
/usr/share/sugar/activities/Etoys.activity SQUEAKLETS
/home/gustavo/.sugar/default/org.vpri.EtoysActivity/instance BUNDLE_ID
org.vpri.EtoysActivity ACTIVITY_ID fb6717c7fece5e96de49f74ead6b01110228f086

What can you suggest me could i do ? debugging ?

Thanks in advance.

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