[etoys-dev] help please

Harness, Kathleen kharness at illinois.edu
Fri Apr 12 08:28:01 EDT 2013

I am having a problem saving a project with a .wav file.

If I leave the small three button player on the world and save the project, it fails to save.
If I use the Sound category tiles and make start sound and stop sound scripts, it saves.

Shouldn't it work both ways?

I ask because, a teacher wants to import music composed by students using Garage Band and converted to WAV files before dragging into Etoys. It is a lot of steps but she is a music teacher and this is important to her. This is already a convoluted path to take with 60 students and I thought the little three button player in Etoys would be the end of the journey and saved in the project.
Advice is most welcome!


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